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TMP: Minutes to Midnight - mini Expansion

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This expansion DOES come with the order of the full game from our website and it was originally shipped as a Kickstarter bonus to our backers. It is not found in retail stores and you can only buy it from us directly if you wish to own it.

With this mini 5 building and 1 card zip-lock bag expansion, you can add something special to your copy of the game. Add to your gameplay experience with these promo building tiles!



Military HQ Owner: General Opponent: Spy Function: 1 Placement in Military Actions

Embassy Owner: Politician Opponent: Spy Function: 1 Placement in any 3WN

Intelligence Agency Owner: Spy Opponent: Spy Function: 1 Placement on an opponent Building

University Owner: Laborer Opponent worker: Spy Function: 1 Placement in Education

Stock Exchange Owner: Laborer Opponent: Spy Function: Change the cost of 1 Building



2 extra NATIONS cards! Brazil and South Africa. Bringing the total Nations able to be played to 12: USA, Soviet Union, Pakistan, Britain, China, Israel, France, North Korea, India, and Germany.