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Perspective - A Micro Card Game

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Perspective - "It's not what you see, it's what you know."

Perspective is a competitive game of memory, deduction, and limited knowledge.. There are unique sets of rules for two, three, and four players. The winner is the player who manages to match the colors on the back of their double sided cards with their goal pattern. You must maintain the perspective of the cards so that you never see the back side of your own cards.

Perspective can be played with 2 to 4 players or as a solitaire game. 2-4 player games are played with a hand of 3 cards. Each card is double-sided, so when held one side is facing toward the player and the other is facing their opponents. The front side of the cards will determine what actions a player may take. When a card is played, it is placed into the Used Pile with the front side of the card face up.  

Each player has a goal card placed in front of them on the table, their objective is to get the Back Side of their hand to match the colors and order of their goal hand. At any point during a player’s turn, they may lay down their 3 cards without tampering to see if their goal is met. If the player’s cards do not match the goal card, they are eliminated from the game.

A game for 2-4 players ages 9 and up that plays in less than 15 minutes.  

If you like Hanabi you'll love Perspective. Even people who aren't drawn to memory games just might end up asking for another round after this exciting social experience!

27 cards in a tuck box.

  • 20 Double Sided Cards
  • 6 Objective Cards
  • 1 Reference Card
  • 1 Game Rules (folded)

2 copies of every possible combination of the 4 colors. Card List:

  • 2 Red / Red
  • 2 Red / Blue
  • 2 Red / Yellow
  • 2 Red / Green
  • 2 Yellow / Yellow
  • 2 Yellow / Blue
  • 2 Yellow / Green
  • 2 Blue / Blue
  • 2 Blue/ Green
  • 2 Green / Green

The goal cards are arranged so that every possible combination of the 4 colors arrange in a set of 3 is possible. A total of 24 possibilities on 6 cards.



Wonderful game! Has a lot of the amazing mind-bending awesomeness I found in "Hanabi", but fixes the three big issues I had with that game:

1.) As much as I am partial to cooperative games, Hanabi suffered from everybody immediately wanting to "table-talk" out of every tough scenario. Which was cheating, sure. But there was no good way of reeling that all in. What was I going to say? Oops, you revealed too much there so I'm deciding that we all just lost? The competitive aspect of "Perspective" immediately makes players police themselves on table-talk.

2.) The point system of Hanabi felt arbitrary. If you didn't get a perfect run, it felt like you lost. And if you got a perfect run, then the game didn't have enough meat in the gameplay to warrant replays (except with new groups). Here the competitive aspect shines again by both giving the game replay value as well as giving the players a satisfying win condition!

3.) Hanabi is certainly more tense than Perspective. But there is also less to do (give hint, play card, discard card). These two factors often combine to make players stall on doing anything, and can make a player feel like there's not much they CAN do (especially if they know little). The double-sided cards of Perspective (and the playable effects of those sides) give players many valid, fun, and intricate choices to play around with on every turn regardless of what they know.
Conclusion: This game is, of course, very different from Hanabi, and shouldn't be evaluated simply in comparison. However, it has a similar feel and comes across more fulfilling. It is truly a unique game, just like I hoped it would be. Simple concept and execution, yet nicely brainy. It may have been a tiny Kickstarter, but I really hope somehow word will spread enough for it to get the recognition it deserves!