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Nitro Dice

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You have the Car. You have the Nerve. Do you have what it takes to win on the open streets in a nitro-burning race for fame and fortune? It won't be easy with opponents that know how to cheat the game and drive the winding streets. You'll be dodging them and anything they can throw at you. Whoever drives fastest, smartest, and toughest will become the Nitro Circuit champion.

Nitro Dice is a fast-paced card-driven racing game where pushing the limit of safety is part of the fun. In Nitro Dice players use a ten-sided-die to represent their racecar on a course made of cards.

Each racer's speed is tracked on the die itself so that every player can view the position and speed of each vehicle at a glance. Cards are used to maneuver around hazards and avoid collisions with other racers, but also to place traps of your own on the roadway


- 1 Start / Finish line card
- 1 Garage Card
- 6 Vehicle Condition Cards
- 12 Nitrous tokens
- 104 Track / Handling cards
- 6 Vehicle Condition markers

- English
- Korean
- Dutch

- Play Board Games Review
- BGG Review


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