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Nile deLuxor Card Game

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Nile deLuxor is an stand alone replacement plus expansion to NILE, a set collection game with a euro-style feel. There are 5 suits each representing a resource type in Egypt. There are also specialty cards showing multiple resource types. Players draft cards into their hands and play them following simple rules. At the beginning of every turn a flood card is drawn showing one or more resource type. That resource type is harvested by the player currently growing it. 

Contains 2 new crop cards (for easier play with 5-6 players), 1 new resource card, 3 Monument cards, and 3 turn counter cards. This is an Expansion of Nile.


NOTICE: If you own the previous version of NILE we are offering a special $10 discount coupon for deLuxor if you send us your UPC symbol off the box or an image of it ripped off the box. This offer will be made available though your local game store as well, so please contact them!

- English
- Korean
- German
- Chinese

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