Manhattan Project - Dice Game Contest

With Minion Games' newest Kickstarter for Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight (, we will have 4 popular games set in the same IP / Universe. We are looking to still add more. This is an exciting opportunity to get your game design and name associated with an already successful brand.

In association with The Game Crafter (, we will be running two contests simultaneously. One on The Game Crafter and one with direct submissions. Not only will the winner of EACH contest get some great prizes, but they will both be considered for a publishing contract with Minion Games.



We are seeking a game that can incorporate the essence and theme of the Manhattan Project game series. This game must be easy to learn and acceptable for all. It should contain some common concepts like Uranium and nuclear weapons or energy as well as multiple classes of workers or actions to take. The eventual cost of this game should be $40 or less, but I don't wish to restrict the designs by them worrying too much about that, so it is not part of the rules. But obviously, don't make a game requiring a huge number of dice or large box.


  • Plays in 1 hour or less, preferably less.

  • Must support player count from 1-4 (yes a solo mode is required)

  • Light to medium weight design / complexity

  • Must incorporate theme and hopefully a bit of the feel of the other MP games

  • Must use custom dice as a major part of the game, though it can include other bits and cards.

  • For the purposes of this contest, Minion Games grants you a limited license to use its artwork in your game, but only for the duration of the contest. You can download some licensed artwork here: You can also download some from Board Game Geek, or even scan your own personal copy of Manhattan Project. You are not restricted to only this artwork, it is only being provided as an aid.

  • You may make use Minion Game's Manhattan Project artwork for the purpose of this contest.

  • You may submit in only 1 contest, either the TGC or direct submission

  • Multiple Entries are allowed but not the same game in both contests.

  • On TGC challenge the rule for being “publish-ready” is not in effect.

Additional rules for The Game Crafter challenge:



Submissions must be made either through The Game Crafter's contest event or through direct submission to by Sep 18th. I will be attending Protospiel Chicago on Sept 16th, 2017 if you wish to present in person.

Winners will be announced by November 1st, 2017

You retain all rights to your game and are welcome to sell it or pitch it to another publisher after the contest, regardless of the outcome of the contest, as long as it doesn't contain copyright material from Minion Games.



  • Consideration for publishing. We can't guarantee we'll publish your game but we will work with both winners toward achieving our final goals for the game.

  • There will be 1 winner chosen from the direct submission entries and another from The Game Crafter challenge.

  • The winner of each contest will get $150 of Minion Games products with free shipping

  • If you entered through TGC contest, you also get $50 credit at The Game Crafter.

  • Winners will also get a Manhattan Project T-shirt and first player button.



The difference is that the TGC challenge gives you some store credit if you win and you will first be judged by your peers to make it into the final round. TGC also requires a more complete looking product and one that has to be made using their bits (though they have just about everything). Your manual will need to look good and the box and logo designed. So it's a bit more restrictive - but we hoped to tap into their audience.

Direct submission is a lot more open but I'll be getting a lot more submissions so I'll not spend as much time on each game as you might get at the TGC. The manual doesn't need layout or examples. But you can submit anything as long as you can eventually send us a working prototype.



Direct submissions will be judged in two rounds. The first round of judging will simply be the submission of your game rules with a sell sheet and pictures to  There is no need to physically mail a prototype at this stage. If we're interested in seeing more of your game you'll advance to the next round. The second round will require an actual prototype be sent to us or demoed to us at Protospiel Chicago.

People who have a Manhattan Project Dice Game to show me can go here to book 30 min with me:

For more info pitching to publishers and sell sheets, please check out my blogs here: