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2 Inch Foam Dice Set (7) v3 Colors (blemished)

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*** NOTICE: These dice may have some minor defects, see other images ***

While we worked extremely hard to maintain a level of quality on our dice, the last shipment of new colors came in with most sets having maybe 1 or 2 dice with number painting errors. These are minor errors which include missing the indentation or blurriness or overspray. For the most part they are all very minor issues, but we cannot in good faith sell these in distribution to retail stores or as perfect dice. So these blemished dice are ON SALE CHEAP here in our online store for anyone willing to live with a few minor defects in their dice. These dice will NOT be sold in retail stores or by anyone else online in these colors - we have the only ones.

Because we have pre-warned you and you see the images of typical problems, plus they are being sold cheap, there will be NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS on these dice. Sorry. If you want dice without issues, check our older color sets here:

Great for a quiet individual, learning activities, or throwing at your RPG Game Master. This is a set of soft foam polyhedral dice. 

These soft foam dice are great for many uses. From your spawn's first set of dice, to helping the hard of sight old fart DM see the numbers, to educational uses (yeah I said that), to just throwing them at your Game Master!

While I've managed to collect this set of dice from 3 different products costing me well over $50, I would like to provide gamers with an out of the box solution of the standard set of gaming dice. All at a very reasonable price!

The basic set will include seven dice, 1 of each of these 2" (tall) foam dice:
These dice are just the right size to fit in your fist and they are squishy too! Fondle them without shame. Roll them and knock over miniatures without remorse. Best of all the 4 sided die doesn't hurt when you step on it!

Child safe (if they don't eat them!), Cat friendly, and recommended for ages 3+

The dice will come packaged in a plastic bag with a printed cardboard hang top.

Want a bag for your new foam dice? This one is perfect!

Also check out our older version 2 colors here: