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Cosmic Kaboom (KS Edition)

List price: $29.99
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* This is the Kickstarter foil edition which includes promo cards and stickers for the ships. Not sold in stores!

For centuries, the Factions have been at war. However, it wasn’t until recently that they developed the ability to create a bomb so powerful as to destroy entire planets. Now the secret is out, and it’s a race to see which faction will be triumphant and become RULERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

Cosmic Kaboom is a dexterity flicking game where players fly around space collecting energy to power up space bombs which are used to eradicate the planets of their enemies. The dynamic play area allows you to play on any size surface.

This game will retail for $29.99 at stores worldwide soon after backers get their copies. We're giving you a 20% discount off the game and paying $6 more toward shipping! The Deluxe version will NOT be sold in game stores, so back it here!

  • Ages 13 & Up
  • 2-4 Players
  • 30 minute play time

The ships are made of thick wood for easy flicking. The planets are made of heavy thick chipboard.

Quick Overview:

Each player controls three planets in their color scattered throughout the board. One of these planets will house an energy crystal which supplies players with an energy cube of that color when their ship is flicked into this planet. After an energy cube of each player color is collected, you may toss the space bomb onto the board in an attempt to blow up the other player's planets. Each planet is worth points (shown on the back of the planet) that you earn when blowing it up.

Advancement cards are given to players throughout the game which provide player powers or bonuses to aid in your conquest. The game continues until one entire color of planets has been destroyed, or the majority of the planets have been destroyed. Whoever has the most points becomes the ruler of the universe!

Download a PDF of the full rules here: http://www.MinionGames.com/rules/Cosmic_Kaboom.pdf

The League of Nonsensical Gamers:

"As far as dexterity games go, the key is to keep players engaged both physically and socially. Cosmic Kaboom does this with fast paced turns and just the slightest bit of take-that, highlighting all that is fun in the dexterity realm... Cosmic Kaboom is versatile and portable, allowing you to create a modular playing surface as large or small as you like based on the desired location or play time."


Theology of Games:

"My kids love playing it. There is so much laughter and cracking up, as flicks go wide, the Big Bomb flies off the table, and they destroy their own Planets."


Geek Dad:

"It can be surprisingly difficult to land on a planet even at the beginning of the game when there are a lot of them out there–but of course you don’t want to hit your own, so that limits your options."