About our company

Minion Games is based out of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Minion Games was created by a team of friends and designers to bring new and interesting games to the market. We specialize in games dripping with theme that mix direct conflict with Euro-style game play. From a Euro game with Zombies (Grave Business) to games about goofing off at work (Five Fingered Severance) to the smash hit bomb building game: The Manhattan Project. Minion Games has blasted onto the gaming scene with innovative mechanics and fast-paced player interaction.

We hope you enjoy our games!




*NOTICE: I have come to the conclusion that Minion Games (eg just me) does not have the time or staff to continue to take on submissions through the Internet. I do not have any spare time to be reading rules or printing out games or to play-test on my own.

So, going forward, if you would like Minion Games to consider your game please make a video or setup an appointment or find me at one of the following events to demo your game to me in person:

GTS, Origins, Protospiel- Ann Arbor, GenCon, Protospiel- Milwaukee, Essen, BGG.CON

Full Time Staff

James Mathe - Business manager, marketing, and some game design.
Clay Gardner - Layout and editing god.
Chuck Whelon - Our awesome Artist for most of our games, and game designer too!


Minion Games
6550 S. Lovers Lane
Franklin, WI 53132